Illustrator Turns Fault Into Art


Eighty-five percent of young adults suffer from acne every year, making it one of the most common skin conditions world wide. Most people attempt to cover up their blemishes, by buying extensive amounts of beauty products, concealers and other serums that claim clear skin. However one French illustrator chooses to turn her acne into art.  

    Izumi Tutti, is a body positive illustrator/social media personality. After struggling with her acne and image as a teen, and trying everything to get rid of it, Tutti chose to embrace her own kind of beauty. The artist chooses to embrace her imperfections by turning them into delicate constellations on her face.

    In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, Tutti commented on body positivity; “After seeing many body positive blogs, I have come to understand that being beautiful is not the greatest thing someone can achieve, and that the idea of beauty changes all time. It’s a social construction, and beauty doesn’t have just one face. I think we really need to represent and celebrate the body in all its forms.”

    Tutti stands for beauty in all genders, races and body types, and its shown in her social media and illustrations. Her positivity and acceptance is something everyone should preach.

By: Miranda Mendiola

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