How Dangerous is North Korea?

By Morgan T. McCulley


North Korea’s army is filled with soldiers, direct orders, and tanks of ginormous sizes. 

    Everyone who watches the news knows about North Korea. As of late, they have become more of a threat to the safety of not only The United States, but the world at large.

    The Korean Peninsula has two sides: South Korea is an economic power, while North Korea is a military power. North Korea has a vast military lineup with many important key weapons that could damage other countries severely. According to, North Korea is ranked 23 of 133 countries in their newest GFP review, which is extremely high for such a small country. Their defense budget is $7,500,000,000. They have a range of air, naval and land defenses; however, that is nothing compared to American forces, and the only distinct threat would be North Korea’s explosives.

    Over the last year, their bomb technology has grown in size and power. According to, their last bomb tests were on September the 3, 2017, with one of them being a hydrogen bomb. Of course, this wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that they can now reach the United States and many other countries with their new ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles). The worst bomb they have would have to be the EMP (electromagnetic pulse). This bomb basically can take out all electronics over a large area.

    North Korea is allied with China. China may be in denial, but they have provided North Korea with resources. Even though North Korea has only one real ally, China has many that will follow them into any conflict. Russia is a close ally with China. Both of these countries are allied with others like India and Brazil. North Korea has some other small alliances, such as Bulgaria and Benin. These allies cause a big divide in the world with numerous sides to choose from.

    If it wasn’t  enough that there are sides and there are mass weapons of destruction, there is of course the ideology itself. Rooted in Soviet Union communism, their ideology is far more dangerous than most. Their society is about completely controlling one’s mind to the point of complete brainwashing. If the US was able to eliminate Kim Jong-un, there is no guarantee that people will not stop fighting us until the very end. They see him and his family as gods. There are those who are not completely under the spell of the ideology. These people are going to need our help just as much as the families imprisoned by the regime. North Korea should be something as much as a country that need help. The conditions there are beyond bad and many are in need of food, water and medicine. If there is one thing that should taken away from this, it is that people no matter their problems, sins or crimes need help.

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