Social Media Bots taking over the World?

Have you heard yet? Social media is creating robots powered by your social media to replace you and your parents wouldn’t even notice. This is because your tweets, snaps, and life is on the internet and now these robots are using your life online so they can replace you, And you have only become a conduit for their life. These unflawed robots make you seem like you don’t exist. Parents only fuel these bots when they keep buying more expensive phones for their children, not thinking about the contract that comes with the phone or how the child acts. Social Media also uses you unknowingly by using you as polls for what’s coming out next. This seems impossible, but the world is more advanced than you know.

Parents also don’t see this because they’re smart. Parents are usually out of date with technology and therefore can’t be replaced as easily. Parents lived in a time when there wasn’t any phone or computers. HOW HORRIBLE!!! They had to actually had to go outside and talk face to face to hang out. People may find it hard to believe, but to go on a date you actually had to talk to the significant other. This has made it impossible to replace the parents with robots because they actually have memories that aren’t on the internet.

Thought the internet has made it easier to connect, people have made it their life to be online and lose everything they are “hacked” or removed. To be truthful you should use pencil and paper to write and should talk face to face. Talking face to face may sound hard, but it can make a relationships stronger and more trustworthy.

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