Fenty Beauty Release

By Layara Speech


Rihanna worked with Sephora and released a very diverse makeup line, Fenty Beauty, on September 8, 2017. Her makeup line has forty different shades of foundation, five different colors of highlighters, twenty different shades of matte match skin sticks, and so many other products. Rihanna was certain that she made products that would fit every skin tone, and I really commend her for that.

   Rihanna is one, if not the first, to make a very diverse and inclusive makeup line. It is very hard for women or men, who have darker or very lighter skin tones to find makeup products that will complement them.  

    The products from Fenty Beauty are cruelty free! Most name brand makeup lines do test on animals, so I’m ecstatic that Rihanna chose not to. She also refuses to sell her products in China because they test on animals. I applaud Rihanna for thinking about all aspects when making the products, and when she released them.

    Rihanna has made a step in the right direction as far as her makeup line goes. It makes me happy seeing so many girls and boys that are so happy because they finally have a makeup line they can find products perfect for their skin. Most makeup companies won’t make products for darker or very light complexions because they “won’t sell.” I find that pretty ironic because the products Rihanna made for dark skinned and very light skinned people sold out very quickly.

    People like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian try to make products that would fit dark skin or very light skin tones. They however just like almost all makeup companies don’t think about ALL the tones of dark skin or very light skin. One product won’t fit every dark skinned or very light skinned girl or boy, and any person who makes makeup needs to understand that.

    I hope if anyone learned anything from Rihanna’s makeup line, they learned that representation, diversity, and inclusiveness is a must, and it’s very important. Rihanna (I hope) started a movement, and anyone who decides to make makeup will follow in her footsteps. Dark skinned and very light skinned women or men need the representation in makeup products.        


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