Siblings who doesn’t get annoyed by them By Isis Iverson

Do you have siblings? Well then you would know how annoying they can be and how they also get on your nerves. Like when you tell them to stop doing something such as; poking you, walking into your room without permission, or doing other annoying things, like leaving the door open when they leave your room.

    I believe that siblings like to annoy their older counterparts to get them in trouble. I’m addressing this because, I have 3 siblings of my own and they do things to annoy me just to see me get mad. I see that siblings they’re annoying you when the first time you ask them to “stop.” It’s like something that goes through there head and it  says, “Oh, that’s what annoys you. Let me do it some more to see how far I can go.”

    Such as my youngest brother, whenever I’m in the car with him and I’m on my phone texting someone he’ll poke my arm. He”ll see that I don’t wanna be bothered with him so he’ll find annoying things to do or say until I answer him. For example when he gets in the car from school the first thing he says every day, “Hi Isis… So how was your day?” knowing I don’t wanna answer him he’ll keep doing it until say, “James I’m gonna keep ignoring you and that stupid question until you stop asking.” then he’ll just sit there quietly then say, “Ok well I take that as good. Right?” Then when he looks at me waiting for me to respond I look up at him and roll my eyes as a sign for leave me alone James before I get annoyed with you.  

    My other 2 siblings Leo Bruner (10) and Tiya Bruner (9), will say annoying things to make me yell at them. Like Leo for example he’ll get all up in my business, on who I’m talking to, who I’m texting, why I’m texting that person. And he’ll say things just because, he knows it makes me mad. Then after I get mad he’ll say, “Calm down it’s just a joke.” “ Nobody was even talking to you while you’re getting your all mad.” And I honestly think this is his favorite thing to say, “Shut up before I get on your head too.” 

    My sister Tiya, she’ll annoy me when she’s with her older brother (Leo). For example we’ll all be in the car together and Leo will whisper something to Tiya and James then they’ll all start laughing. That’s when I know its something stupid so then both of them will start doing stuff to make me mad, such as touching my face after i tell them don’t touch me almost every day. One of them will pet my arm like I’m some animal to them. The only time she won’t annoy me is when she’s in her room on the phone with whoever, and when our brothers aren’t home. Other than that if I’m not in her sight I’m not in her range to annoy me.

    Most of the time they do it is because, they think it’s fun and will arise when siblings are bored. However while they’re young and they’re annoying,as they get older they will learn not get be as annoying as when they were younger. 


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