What should schools teach to prepare you for life? By:Justin Rylan Makela-Guerrero

Is life creeping up on you? Have you ever felt that you should have paid more attention in your high school classes? Well, that might not have even helped you because high school doesn’t show you life essentials after graduation. Schools should teach some other things than what is required like personal finance to prepare you for after school life.

    I would say first they should show what comes after graduation, then what you need to know about to live. Some classes that should be required is financial aid, a class that teaches how to balance a checkbook, how to use a bank account, how to save money, owning a house, paying taxes, and other essential things to living after graduation. Students would benefit from these because they would teach you how to survive in the economy and how to be ready for bills and other adult stuff. This came to mind because of how many people I have heard talk about these things. I actually don’t know why schools don’t teach these courses or try to suggest that you should study these things. Also there are only 17 states in our country that require you to learn personal finance.

    However all these classes require you to do more than most high schoolers would like. I feel that other classes should be less required like physical education, and more than a year of visual art, and instead be replaced with classes that actually prepare you for after graduation. I people might be the only person that feels this and/or is going to get hate for this, but these feel unnecessary because you shouldn’t need to run or draw if you are just trying to make through life and it’s not something you major in. For anyone that would like to reply to this, please email your response to beniciapaw@gmail.com


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