Black Friday Just Isn’t Worth It By Rayiah Ross


As the Thanksgiving food is slowly packed up and put away, and your family waves goodbye because the long and dreadful party is almost over; the ‘All-American’ full out hunting mode is officially released for Black Friday. For each and every one of these maniac shoppers, all thoughts to being grateful for what they have or thanking the people around them for showing up to the party and eating their food is completely thrown out the window. Now, they are killing people in order to buy their kids the next christmas gift and singing Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday’ because Black’s song is the anthem for the treacherous day. At that moment- the one where a man is being stampeded outside of Walmart- the maniac shoppers lift their heads and ask themselves, “Is all of this really worth it?” The answer: no. It really isn’t.

Black Friday is considered the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s a Capitalistic trick; set up posters everywhere or play commercial after commercial and eventually you’ll have everyone fooled into shopping at your store. Seasonal. That’s the key word in all of this. Seasonal jobs, seasonal items, and seasonal shopping. Matt Walch, a capitalist from The Blaze expressed his opinion on the issue by saying, “We need you to buy. We don’t need you to be human, we don’t need you to be a citizen, we don’t need you to be a capitalist, we just need you to be a consumer, a buyer. If you are alive you must buy. Buy like you breathe, only more frequently.” Clothes, accessories, fashion, decor; its all out of style by the next week. Shoppers buy to stay up to date; to stay ‘in the loop.’ One trick the Black Friday retailers use on their consumers is the offered ‘limited quantities.’ These quantities are so limited in some cases, that the stores are only required to have three or four in stock, even though they expect thousands of customers to show up. If you are fifth in line for that discounted TV, you’re out of luck. Black Friday allows stores to lure in customers with false promises, a practice that wouldn’t be acceptable any other day of the year.

Besides the fact that shoppers are being tricked into overspending, Black Friday is very dangerous. Back in 2011, a Walmart workers was killed in a stampede as shoppers surged into the entrance to get the deals. According to The Black Friday Death Count, there have been 10 deaths and 105 injuries since 2010. The government has passed regulations for improved Black Friday safety, such as starting the line farther from the door and removing items that can be used as battering rams, but the unruly crowds and often-freezing temperatures seem like enough reason to call off the holiday altogether. Getting rid of Black Friday wouldn’t mean that shoppers would miss out on holiday deals. Cyber Monday, gets the job done just fine.  No camping out in lines for hours, no shoving people out of the way for the last TV, and no scary mob mentality. You can shop for discounted goods from the comfort of your own home, and though some of the deals from Black Friday might be sold out, many sites offer better or different specials on Cyber Monday.

As someone who cares about families and  the communities; give the workers back their Thanksgiving, give the people back their humanity, and celebrate the day with leftovers instead of a psychotic conundrum.

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