Is James Charles Problematic? By Layara Speech

James Charles is a makeup artist who became the first male to be a spokesmodel for Covergirl on October 11, 2016. His graduation photos had gone viral, and they caught the attention of Covergirl. However, it has been said that he re-edited his graduation photos and he never went back to the photography studio. Since he gained his fame, he made his own clothing line called Sister’s Apparel, and has uploaded an array of makeup tutorial videos that get over a million views.

     I enjoy watching Charles’s videos, and he is a really sweet and caring person, but he has said inexcusable things. In 2013, he tweeted many racist and offensive tweets that people had found again in 2016. An example of one of his tweets is, “Wow, I really wanted a cute yellow minion sweatshirt for ten dollars, but noooooo they didn’t have my size, stupid indian man on the  boardwalk.”  Charles had apologized for the tweets, and people do change, but racism is a serious issue and his tweets were really not ok. He also made a “joke” about Africa and Ebola which  was “ I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today, omg what if we get Ebola?” Of course many people (including myself) were not pleased with this comment.  Millions of people died from Ebola, why would anyone think that it was ok to joke about? Charles apologized about the comment, but he should have known before tweeting that it wasn’t funny, and it was very insensitive.. Charles also uses Facetune, which is another form of photoshop on his photos and he wouldn’t admit to that until he was called out on it multiple times.  

   Charles is also friends with Jeffree Star, and multiple videos resurfaced from twelve years ago of Star saying racial slurs. Star has made many racists remarks, an example of this is, “I win by having diamond rims, and you win by being a poor Mexican.””Well maybe if she wasn’t wearing the wrong foundation color, I wouldn’t have had to splash no battery acid to lighten her skin tone, girl.” This only are few disgusting and vile things he has said, why would Charles want to associate himself with him?

       Charles is a young and inexperienced adult who can be problematic at times. I will never excuse his comments, but I will say we’ve all of had our fair share of problematic moments. I hope he will never make another racist comment ever again.


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