Different Kinds of Erasers for Different Mistakes By:Justin Rylan Makela-Guerrero

    For anyone who writes, draws, or anything in between, you know that there will be accidents. For every problem you will always turn to an eraser. Just as there are many writing materials, there are many different kinds of erasers for the problem. According to Jessie Oleson Moore, there are more than just one.

    Gum erasers are softer than the original eraser, and they somewhat have a gummy texture. They tend to absorb graphite and crumble as they start to erase. This makes this eraser better suited for different types of paper.

    Rubber erasers are the classic eraser that everyone can’t seem to finish because it either breaks in half, or you start to draw on it. They are more firm than gum erasers and are suited for removing pencil marks from the paper. Overzealous use from this eraser can end up damaging a piece of paper, they have less stick on papers.

    Kneaded erasers are also known as kneaded rubber; they are very pliable, and can be molded. It works by not erasing, but more by lifting graphite off the page to make it lighter. These erasers can also be molded into a point to erase fine detail, but this eraser ends up being sticky after a while, so it’s not the best for erasing large areas.

    Pencil erasers are not what you think they are. When someone says pencil eraser, you probably think of the eraser at the end of a pencil, but this isn’t the case. These erasers look like a pencil, but instead of graphite, it has a vinyl eraser tip.

    Last is a vinyl eraser, also known as plastic erasers, or drafting erasers. These are hard erasers, and have a rigid texture for heavy duty erasing. These can even lift ink off a page and completely erase whatever it is used on. These erasers have a high chance of damaging the paper, so when using these use lightly.

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