Murder on the Orient Express Review

By Megan Saari


   Murder on the Orient Express is definitely going to go down as one of the greatest murder mystery movies of the 21st century. It starts with a mystery of a stolen jewel and three different religious figures. The mystery is solved within five minutes, and the scene is mostly there to show off the main characters brilliance, the great detective Hercule Poirot. A sherlockian man who is tired of solving mysteries and just wants to solve jigsaw puzzles. On an attempt to escape he takes up his friend Bouc’s offer to ride on his world class train toward his vacation. On their way a mob man is murdered when the train gets caught in a mini avalanche. The passengers are scared and paranoid and Bouc begs to Detective Poirot to solve it before another murder happens.


The man murdered, Ratchett was receiving threats for selling fake antiques. Before his untimely demise he asked Detective Poirot to help him spot the people that might assassinate him. The detective refused and the next day he is dead. The suspects are the Doctor, the nurse, the princess and her helper, Ratchett’s secretary, the governess, the professor, the butler, the husband hunter, and the duke and his wife. One of these people killed Ratchett, but what makes the movie so amazing is the motives. Why was he killed, was it because he was mob man or for something terrible he did in his past?


          Not only was the story amazing and breathtaking, but the cinematography was too. Every scene was beautifully shot and gave the story a little something extra. The way it was filmed could be compared to the classic black and white murder mystery movies. In the end of the movie the truth is found out and the detective now sees that the world is not so black and white, but a little gray. The ending foreshadows to another movie that will take place on the Nile River.

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