Do Jokes Cause More Harm Than Help?



Dawson Crying meme. Photo Cred:

by Justin Rylan

    Today’s generation have invented a form of joke called “memes”. This has affected culture in more way than one. These “memes” cause procrastination; distracting people from what they should be doing. Memes cause horrible problems like the “memers”, or becoming dependent on memes for jokes or laughs, leading to people not getting laughs out of anything else. The biggest problem is the website “Ifunny”, which also has an app. It attracts these “memers”  or slackers. These memes become an addiction for people, like my friend who wouldn’t stop saying the same joke he got from Ifunny. This condition only gets worse because of the monthly updates on memes, making a new “meme of the month”.


     Parents should keep their kids from memes and Ifunny so they don’t get this “meme addiction” which is incurable. You may lose your child to the internet forever. This will cause your child to become anti-social, and they will only want to be near their computer. This problem only gets bigger when your child becomes a recluse and starts making memes for himself. These memes can remove child from a family, because they become too attached to these jokes that bring them joy.



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