Need Ideas on What to Read for Your Next Book Project?

By Justin Makela- Guerrero

    Has anyone had that problem where you couldn’t find a good book for a book report or just wanted something good to read? Well, I’m here to help give book recommendations and small descriptions of each book.

    The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, is about a little girl who grows up in poverty because her father can’t keep a job and her mother just wants to be an artist but doesn’t make any money from it. This causes the kids to raise themselves, making their parents almost obsolete except for using their money to live. The story is truly a good book about self perseverance and the life of poverty.

    Letting Ana Go by Anonymous is more like a journal for an anorexic girl who has an addiction to losing weight. In this book, you undergo a journey with Ana as she undergoes her journey. This journal type book has pretty easy writing with understandable concepts.

    World War Z: an Oral history of the zombie war by Max Brooks is a book of accounts of a “zombie war” and how everyone had to live through it. This book is very graphic about the details and the zombies themselves. Each entry in the book is unique to a certain zone and no two will sound the same.

    Moment of Truth by Lisa Scottoline, starts with finding a murder of the lawyer’s wife in the kitchen and the lawyer knows who it is. The only problem is he has to act like he killed his wife in order to find his wife’s killer. He hires a lawyer to defend himself who then finds out he’s innocent but is acting like he is guilty.

    All these books are kind of long, but they all have one central theme. They all consist of people’s struggles regarding the events around them and their journey of coping with it.

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