Scarf Stealer Strikes Solano


The thief in all her glory. Photo Credit: Chelsea Arangcon

By Madison Kemp


Local thief, Kadison Memp, is wanted by authorities for stealing 37 scarves on Monday, January 22, from a volunteer shift at the Benicia Public Library. “I can’t help but wonder how she got away. Not only did she have the weight of 37 scarves on her shoulders, she must have felt feverish considering the amount of the layers,” says Adison Reneé, a witness to the crime. Arriving at the scene, volunteer Chelsea Arangcon, who was in the shift during the theft, gave her inside account, “It happened in a flash, one moment the scarves were there, then next BAM gone!”

There is still controversy on the motives behind the madness, but so far it’s been narrowed down to:

  • Memp was cold.
  • Memp is broke and couldn’t afford the accessory.
  • Memp has a evil plan to make everyone else’s necks cold.


“Maybe Kadison was just trying out something new! I heard last year she kept stealing mittens,” says Nanki Sekhon giving her opinion on the intention Memp could have had. The most popular motive seems to stand at Memp being broke, considering her job term had concluded just two days prior.


Whatever the true motive is, it’s fair to say plenty of confusion was present and no one was expecting something as devastating as this. “I screamed, ‘What the heck?’, thinking I was dreaming but it was reality. There is a scarf thief among us…” (Chelsea Arangcon).


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