7 Things You Should Quit


A Few Things You Should Stop Doing


    Amongst the high school crowd, there are far too many negatively imposed common themes, such as over thinking and self deprecation. The negativity latches on to the potential happiness of others and makes it harder to enjoy what life has to offer. Here are some tips on what to quit to better your quality of life:


  • Allowing Others Influence Your Happiness So Easily


    Far too often people allow what others think of them affect their happiness. Whether it’s your boss, your peer, or your teacher, what they think versus what you may think are at two opposite ends of the importance spectrum. At times, what others think of you can be important, like during an interview for a job you really want or maybe in the application that you’ve submitted for your dream college -but those times come so rarely. It doesn’t need to be a constant thought that crosses your mind into the land of overthinking. After all, you’re the one who has to live with yourself the for entirety of your life, so do what makes you happy.


  • Engaging in Negative Self-Talk


    Would you constantly surround yourself around someone who made you feel bad about yourself–someone who was negative towards you and only thought bad things about you? Of course not. You have to live with yourself for the entirety of your life, so don’t be the person who is constantly judging yourself. You are worthy, you are human, you are imperfect -and that’s okay. Nothing in this world is made to be perfect, not even you. It’s okay to mess up sometimes. We are our own worst critics, no one is paying that close of attention as we’re all too busy worrying about ourselves.


  • Living In the Past


    You have to stop thinking about what you did and what you could’ve done instead. Everyone makes mistakes and time traveling is not possible, therefore that makes it okay to mess up. As long as you take the right steps forward, you are doing the best thing possible to make up for the traumatic past.


  • Comparing Yourself to Others


    Every single person on Earth is different from one another. Not one of us are the same. Our differences make us who we are, it’d be boring and mundane if we were all the same. You have to have the attitude of not wanting to be anyone else. Sure, if you’d like to change something about yourself, you are permitted to go right on ahead: but don’t change things about yourself for the wrong, impersonal reasons. He/She has a different life than you ever will, our experiences and environment shape us to who we will be, therefore comparing yourself to others is just not fair to you.


  • Giving Up


    Though sometimes it may be rough and we feel there is not much more we can do, all we can offer is our persistence. You may be giving your all and it may feel like it’s not enough, but sometimes we fail to realize that it is enough and that we just need to have the strength to keep going. Even though it may feel like there’s no point, what’s the harm in giving our all?


  • Not Believing in Yourself


    You are fully capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. Anything is possible, anything can happen. You can be the change you want to see in the world, yet you don’t know if you don’t try. Simply believing in oneself can get one further than they’d ever imagine.


  • Getting Your Self Esteem from Others


    More times than not, we rely on others to tell us what we should think of ourselves. No one spends more time with you, than you. You know yourself better than anyone ever will, so why let them decide what you think of yourself or how you perceive yourself? If you believe you are the funniest person ever, but you don’t think other people think you are: let what you think about yourself be the truth. Not for you to become delusional, but that you rely on yourself for your self esteem. Besides, who ever said other people were a reliable source?

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