How To Avoid Cosmetic Prices Sucking Your Wallet Dry


How to Save Money on Makeup


    With all of life’s necessary expenses, it can be difficult to squeeze in those makeup products you’ve been longing to get a hold of. After taking a minute to whine and complain to yourself in the middle of the aisle at Sephora (definitely not taken from personal experience), the question comes to mind: why must makeup be so expensive? It’s astounding that we will pay $30 for a 0.22 oz concealer or $25 for an eyeshadow palette that comes with only six colors!

    There are a multitude of reasons why cosmetics can get so pricey; many blame quality. It makes sense–the more you pay the better the quality right? Not all the time. Ingredients average out to such a tiny amount from the overall cost. Expensive beauty products are expensive because they are marked up for things like nice packaging or brand reputation. “That’s why lipstick, which is mostly wax, oil and pigments, routinely costs more than $20 at a department store makeup counter,” says Randy Schueller, cosmetic chemist.

    Luckily, you really don’t need to spend a lot for good quality makeup. Do yourself, and your bank account, a favor and consider alternate options. Here are some easy tricks to save money on cosmetics, while still receiving the quality that comes with high-end products.

  1. Sephora will give you free samples of any product you want to try

    Do you ever go to Costco just for the free samples (don’t lie, you know you do)? Believe it or not, you can actually walk out of Sephora with a bag full of free samples. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample, just say that you want to try a certain product at home to see if you like it before you make a purchase. You can get a sample of just about any product they carry. This includes makeup, skincare, and fragrances.

  1. Know what to splurge and what to save on

    Less expensive brands such as Maybelline, Elf and Wet n Wild can offer good, if not better, alternatives to higher end brands. While drug stores are the holy grail for the price conscientious kind, sometimes it’s better to splurge a little on higher end products that drug store brands can’t always compete with. When it comes to eyeshadows, expensives brands tend to achieve more pigment and are often easier to work with. But it really depends on the brand and your personal preference.

  1. Dupes

    A “dupe” is a cheaper product that imitates the quality and look of a higher end product. Nowadays, you can’t throw a beauty blender without hitting a dupe. An easy way to locate dupes is to curl up on the couch and browse through YouTube. Beauty gurus like Laura-Lee, Manny MUA, and Jaclyn Hill are just a few of the creators that test and review different brands including drugstore.

  1. Cut open your used products to get your money’s worth

    The time is bound to come in every liquid lipstick or mascaras’ life, when all that’s left is the hard to reach product left behind along the sides or bottoms of the container. To extract the very last of it, simply melt the product by setting it in warm water, then pour it out into a more shallow container (contact cases work well). You can also add a few drops of saline solution to old mascara to make it good as new, just put in a few drops and stir it around with the wand.

  1. Multi-tasking products

    Translucent powder: To thicken your lashes, just dust a bit onto a spoolie brush and run it through your lashes in between mascara coats. You can also dab some onto your lips to give your lip color more of a matte look.

    Lip stain: Whether it’s on your cheeks or on your lips (or both), there’s no need buy blush and lipstick, when there are plenty of options out there that offer both in one. A few good options include: E.L.F. Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Tint, Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain, and the Sephora Collection offers a few good formulas as well.

    Eyeshadow: Instead of buying a separate brow pencil or pomade, try an eyeshadow you already have. As long as it matches your complexion, it can work just as well as an eyebrow product.

    As much as we tell ourselves that we don’t have to shop at Sephora to be happy, we do it anyways and we’ll continue to whine and complain about the prices until the end of time. However, you can’t assume something is better based off of how much it costs.

    Will one brand really have that revolutionary, healing, Holy Grail ingredient that the rest don’t? Not likely. The biggest difference between high end and drugstore is more often than not the price you’re willing to pay.

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