The NRA’s response to Walkouts


gun control

How the NRA responded to student protests and people’s reactions

By Hailey Lederer

On March 14, 2018, at 11:30, a month after the devastation in Florida, as thousands of students across America participate in one of the biggest organized protests in the country to voice their concerns of their own safety, the National Rifle Association tweeted a response.

 The picture above is of an AR-15 assault rifle, along with the slogan, “I’ll control my own guns, thank you.” What some people may be unaware of, however, is that the gun shown in this message is the very same gun used at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida to massacre 17 young students. An AR-15 was also used to kill 20 children in the Sandy Hook shooting, 58 people at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, and 49 young adults at the Pulse Nightclub in Florida.

The outrage caused by this insensitive tweet was widespread throughout twitter. While there are a seemingly unspeakable amount of responses to the post, a personal favorite is from the user Brooklyn Watch as the tweet states: “Your eternal d*****bagery does not serve you well. One month to the day since a mass school shooting, same day as teenagers across America walk out in protest of easy availability of guns, and you do this? You just don’t get it, do you? The times, they are a’changin’.”

         As we protest our current gun laws for changes such as tighter restrictions and background checks for the safety of our friends, families, and ourselves and march in honor of those who were failed by these very same laws, it’s completely baffling and upsetting to the many of us how the association can have the audacity to post such a thing that symbolizes some of the darkest tragedies of our generation. The NRA’s actions and words will not go unnoticed and the protests will surely continue until things actually change.

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