The Problem With Coachella

By Tessa Osteen

It’s the time of year again when teens and adults flock to the California desert to listen to and enjoy many genres of music–well at least some do. Coachella has become more about fashion than music in recent years. During the festival, famous social media influencers constantly post new pics of their outfits with no sign of enjoying the musical acts there. With big name headliners like The Weeknd and Beyoncé to lure music lovers to the event, most people seem to care more about posing next to the famous Ferris wheel or taking pics with all their friends for likes on social media.

    The price for a Coachella ticket has risen including its increasing popularity. A staggering $429 dollar ticket (not including a hotel room or forms of transportation)  leaves the festival for the rich and well off to enjoy themselves in the hot and dusty desert. Besides being ridiculously overpriced, the founder Philip Anschutz, has given numerous amounts of money to hate groups, is an alleged backer of various anti- lgbt groups and has given money to anti- marijuana causes and since this knowledge is public not a lot of celebrities have come out to boycott this event. It’s common knowledge that most performers at Coachella are on the liberal side so it interesting seeing so many of them performing at this festival to say the least.

     Since the first week of Coachella it’s reported that the owner has already made millions of dollars from spoiled rich kids who are ignorant to his right leaning positions. People can use their money for various other things that are better than buying a ticket for a festival that is problematic. Not known to many Coachella fans, the area where the festival lies is one of the poorest communities in America usually occupied by poor migrant farm workers until the desert gets taken over by privileged hipsters once a year.

    Although there are negative aspects to this popular festival, the lineup this year and many other years has many popular and eclectic acts that myself and many others only wished they could have seen but instead watched on YouTube in the comfort of their own rooms.

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