Words Unsaid

By Megan Saari

Words unsaid


I’m leaving soon,

But we will not say goodbye.

Not because the words are to hard to say

Because we can barely speak to one another

Without the windows shattering

And the walls getting new holes in them.


I want to talk to you

I want to say I love you

I want you to know that I think that

You created the moon, the sun, and the sky.


But I can never let those words come out

I can never tell you my secrets

I can never break down my walls for you

I’m scared that my words

Will make you never speak to me again.


We are in the same room but miles apart,

There is a unspoken vow between us

where we will only speak to one another

When we need to.


We are both tired

of broken walls and shattered hearts.

Now I am going

And there are so many words unsaid,

But to say them

Would mean an end to us.

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