6 Movies That Were Shot On An Iphone

By Demetriaj S.



Claire Foy portrays a women who belives she’s being stalked


starting Claire Foy, who is convinced she has a stalker, but later comes to question her own sanity when she is admitted to a mental institution against her will. The Director Soderbergh’s crew shot the entire thriller movie with an iphone 7 Plus. This is not Soderbergh first time to shoot an movie on an iphone his first movie was Full Frontal in 2002. While 2005’s Bubble was the first film to be released simultaneously in theaters.

Kitana Kiki Rodriguez plays a trans woman in Sean Bakers film “Tangerine”.
  1. Tangerine

Popular movie on Netflix starting Stars Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as Sin-Dee, a Trans sex worker sets out on a rampage through L.A. after learning a pimp has cheated on her. Sean Baker the director’s Crew shot the film 2015 film using three Iphone 5s, with additional photography from an color clip-on lens, and app, and Steadicam Smoothee mounts.Baker upsized to 35mm for his recent The Florida Project.


Uber driver gets life changing news
  1. 9 Rides

9 Rides is about an uber driver who gets life changing news on new years eve using an iphone 6s. This uber driver engages with nine different sets of passengers over the course of the night. Director,  Matthew A. Cherry’s film includes stars like Dorian Missick, Omar Dorsey, Robinne Lee, Xosha Roquemore, Amin Joseph and Skye P. Marshall.


Crime drama directed by Jay Alvarez
  1. I Play With The Phrase Each Other

I Play With The Phrase Each Other is a crime drama film directed by Jay Alvarez. The first film was entirely comprised of phone conversations, The movie was shot with an Iphone,the film details a complex cyber-criminal world  as Jack, played by Alvarez, moves in with a friend who makes money by scamming people on Craigslist.  


A Korean fantasy horror short film

5.Night fishing

Korean directors Chan-kyong Park and Chan-wook Park shot the 2011 short film Night Fishing using an iPhone 4. The movie stars Kwang-rok as a fisherman whose life is changed when he makes an unexpected catch.


Jonas Fisch stars in this Ricky Fosheim film 
  1. Uneasy Lies Mind

2014 feature, Uneasy Lies the Mind, stars Jonas Fisch as a man who begins to lose his mind while enjoying a couple’s retreat at his grandiose winter home. Ricky Fosheim the director shot the thriller using only an iPhone 5.




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