Royal Couple Shows Support For Hate Crime Victim

By Hailey Lederer

royal couple
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Memorial


This past Monday, royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seen at the 25th anniversary memorial service for Stephen Lawrence, an annual event that brings common activists alike together to honor a young man who was a victim to the ongoing battle with racism. The event marked 25 years since the 18 year old black British man was stabbed to death while simply waiting for the bus in 1993.    

    The murder was carried out by a group of white men and has obviously sparked a number of debates over the years, including criticism for the Scotland Yards participation in the crime, some accusing them of “dragging their feet” when arresting the suspects and even dropping charges for a short amount of time during the case. Through investigation it was soon discovered that the murder was obviously racially motivated along with the mishandling of Lawrence’s case from police due to institutional racism. It wasn’t until 2012 the murderers were convicted.

    As Prince Harry and Markle greeted Doreen Lawrence, Stephen Lawrence’s mother, their presence at the memorial sent overwhelming support for the Lawrence family and the battle against racism. The couple’s presence also marks a big step towards the future, as the royal family has usually discouraged publicly showing or expressing it’s political views. We can only hope that the couple’s actions can inspire more change for the future to make sure what happened to Stephen won’t happen again.

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