Quiet Child

By Megan Saari

Quiet child

Quiet child sitting in the corner

Keeps all your thoughts locked inside

Quiet child turn into a shadow

Turn away from all the light

Quiet child hold your tongue

Say the things we want to hear

Quiet child learn to speak

Use your voice before it leaves

Quiet child turn around and see

Know that we care and want you to speak

Quiet child don’t go down the dark path

For you can never turn back

Quiet child don’t hold your tongue

Speak your mind, don’t be forgotten

Quiet child you feel all alone

Know that you aren’t on your own

Quiet child have you tried to talk

Speak your mind and see who listens

Quiet child are you happy

Is the weight of the world on your shoulders

Quiet child tell us your problems

We want to know you

Quiet child how dare you speak

About your problems and injustices

Quiet child just stay quiet

Who could ever want to listen to you

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