Alex Jones Faces Defamation Lawsuit

By Hailey Lederer


American radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on fake news website ‘InfoWars.’

         Five years ago, one of the deadliest and most tragic shootings took place in Newtown, Connecticut, where a single gunman shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults. On Monday, April 16, in Travis Country, Texas, the parents of two children killed in Sandy Hook, Leonard Pozner, Veronique De La Rosa and Neil Heslin filed lawsuits against Alex Jones, one of the most famous conspiracy theorists on the internet.

         This seems to be one of the first defamation cases involving the Sandy Hook shooting brought against Jones, who called the devastation a hoax numerous times in videos and on his website, InfoWars. Jones has questioned the official story of Sandy Hook and suggested a cover-up took place instead, something he’s gone into more detail in podcasts, videos, written posts for his website and even interviews, such as the one with Megyn Kelly from NBC News. Each of his claims involving the shooting was filled with heavy implications of it being staged, as well as the parents being liars and frauds for “helping” with the so-called cover-up.

         Mark Bankston, a Houston lawyer for the parents, stated the parents came to the decision to sue more than five years later because they concluded Jones had no intention on leaving them alone. They accused InfoWars for creating “false, cruel and dangerous assertions,” as Bankston said, leaving them with backlash and  threats from those who believed the conspiracy. The parents filed the lawsuits for $1 million in damages as the case has yet to be settled hopefully within the coming year.

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