Fire in Dance Studio Causes Dozens To Jump

By Hailey Lederer


In order to be saved, dozens of girls had to jump out of a second-floor dance studio. 

On what seemed to be an average Monday night in Edgewater, a town outside of New York, things became a disaster as a second story dance studio that was filled with dozens of girls caught fire- all while being caught on video  (Video link below).

  As flames started to engulf the studio- also a hookah lounge and auto repair shop- the girls were smart and acted fast quickly climbing to the outside balcony as bystanders down below rushed to help. A group of about 8 bystanders were the first to take action by calling the fire department and using a fire extinguisher but failed to put out any of the fire. It was then the business owner, Tony Nehmi, and a police officer was able to help some of the victims down with ladders before the rest could fall.

         Ultimately, 15 girls were treated for minor injuries with thankfully no deaths and the fire was contained 2 hours later. The cause of the fire however is still unknown as investigation continues most likely involving one of the other two businesses just below the studio.

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