Games Are Taking Over the World


by Justin Rylan

  You or someone you know might be affected by Gameritus. Gameritus is a gaming disease in which they find games and phones more appealing than their life and the people around them. This can make them feel disconnected from the world around them, and they will become a chronic gamer. Becoming a chronic gamer is a horrible thing, and should be avoided at all costs, as they typically become unresponsive to basic communication and won’t reply to anything.

    They will then will become brain dead or agitated if their games are turned off or they are disconnected. They will become even more agitated, especially if they already have a short temper. This comes with a plethora of problems, like carpal tunnel, red or bloodshot eyes, loss of connection to the world around them, and severe dizziness. These are just a few of the symptoms that come with being addicted to your phone.

    Phones hold your attention and stop you from doing anything you actually have to do. Both phones and video game consoles have an amazing thing called a power button, but it’s hidden on the side of the phone and on the front of the console. It can be to far from your person that  you don’t want to get up to use it.

    These power buttons are more like suggestions for people. Phones are always finding ways to stop people from not looking at them. This becomes a serious problem that was created by the developers and this makes Gameritus a bigger problem than it already is. Now, the biggest problem with Gameritus. Their is no cure to this. Even if you remove all the technology from the person affected, they will search for new ways to get their “fix” of Gameritus. This becomes a large problem when they always leave the house to get their fill of Gameritus. Once they have Gameritus, they always have it.

    A small amount of gaming is the best way to enjoy games. Do not allow for more than one – two hours on the game, if they get more than two hours, it will kick start Gameritus. For warning signs of Gameritus it starts with them asking for more time, not pausing game to do something or not respecting the parent as they give orders, addiction to the game, not sharing, losing social interaction and only talking to the game, only eating when power goes out or when food is brought to them, etc. Please take steps to prevent this from happening or you will lose a family or friend.

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