Students Arrested During Anti-Gun Protest

By Hailey Lederer


Several hundred protesters began crowding the streets around 11 a.m., mostly chanting about the Republican efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act. 

         On Wednesday, April 18, four students were arrested outside of Paul Ryan’s Washington, D.C office. Originally 10 protesters were on Capitol Hill; however, the majority of them left after police warnings, leaving only the four students being arrested.

         The protest was a sit-in for gun control and included the students laying down in the hallway of the Longworth House Office Building. One of the students reportedly stated they chose to engage in the protest because “we [the students] need to send a message for common sense gun control.”

         An officer at the office stated that the students would be sent to a juvenile detention facility since all four students were underage. The protesters were released soon after and were charged as minors for blocking passage in the Capital Halls.

         Though the protest ended with the arrests, it has caught the attention of supporters on twitter and sparked conversations, most notably from activist and Parkland survivor David Hogg who tweeted, “I don’t know about you, but a government that doesn’t listen to its children and puts the profits of special interests over lives sounds pretty tyrannical to me.” Many activists are still currently trying to have their demands met as protests continue.

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