Inside the 9-11 memorial


The spot where one of the Twin Towers once stood tall. Credit: Emma Goularte 

On September 11, 2001, two planes hit the twin towers in New York City having a total of 2,996 victims. A tragic event that will never be forgotten and many people carry it around with them everyday whether they lost a loved one, the were there, or they saw how awful it was on TV and listened to it on the radio. I was not born yet, but my views will forever be changed. Over the summer I got the opportunity to visit the 9-11 memorial, when you walk up you see this giant square, as you walk closer to it, inside there is water flowing down into a deep cement square holding a place where one of the twin towers used to stand tall. There is another one close by. Along the outside there are names written, they are names of the victims that had their lives in this attack.

When you walk inside you see support that used to hold up the towers and you begin to wonder why those weren’t able to stop any of the damage. They looked to strong like they could hold up anything but they didn’t. They didn’t hold up anything. The twin towers collapsed to the ground like there was nothing ever supporting the building in the first place. I understand that the impact was so strong, how could a building withstand that strong of a force?

As you continue down the stairs along a wall there are pictures portrayed on the wall by a projector of pictures of the people who weren’t found, it says they are missing. That was hard to look at. People are hoping they will see their loved ones again and maybe some will but some won’t and that was hard for me to realize. I looked at my mom and asked her, “how could people do something so awful? How can they not consider other people?” She looked back at me and said, “I don’t know, I can’t comprehend it. When all of this happened I was on my way to work before I left the house I saw it on the TV and I couldn’t believe it. I got into my classroom and we didn’t have the technology so we couldn’t watch what was going on.” 

We continued and walked down stairs and as we looked to our left there was a wall. In the middle of it, it said “NO DAY SHALL ERASE YOU FROM THE MEMORY OF TIME.” There are different shades of blue and purple. People were asked what color was the sky to you that morning and this was the outcome. Everyone’s shade was different, people picked all ranges of blue and purple.

This wall shows what people thought the sky looked like before planes hit the Twin Towers. Credit: Emma Goularte 

There is a whole room dedicated to the victims, they have their picture and their name along the wall. There is a whole section where you can not have your phone out or take photos out of respect, this is the part I remember most. There are video screens showing footage of the planes crashing into the twin towers and all of the damage they caused. The hardest part for me was hearing the voicemails people left on their loved ones phones saying they will see them soon or everything will be okay. Nothing about this was okay, so many people were affected even if it wasn’t directly.

To me 9-11 isn’t just an event that happened before I was born, it holds more meaning. I saw how destructive it was and all of the innocent people that were killed. It gives me more emotion. It’s a day where we say ¨never forget” so why don’t we talk about it more? Why do we continue on with our lives without taking time to talk about it? The innocent victims deserve to be remembered because they didn’t deserve that and either did their families. We owe them our remembrance.


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