Meet the New College and Career Counselor: Mrs. Marwick


Our new College and Career technician is here to help you. Credit: Benicia Paw

By: Benicia Staff 

Benicia High has hired a new College and Career Counselor, Gina Marwick. Mrs. Marwick is a “long-time Benician” and a BHS alumni. In fact, she actually met her husband, Greg Marwick one of the JV football coaches, on this campus, and has a daughter Alyssa Marwick (10) currently attending Benicia High and a son Logan Marwick (7) going to Benicia Middle. Mrs. Marwick is eager to take on this new job, despite its differences with her past occupations.

Mrs. Marwick was a health educator at Kaiser – writing curriculum for classes and office brochures; she worked with expecting mothers in smoke cessation and prenatal care, and also spent time as an office manager for a small church. She expressed that these more solitary jobs didn’t serve her “people-person” personality. She believes she has “found her niche” with this new job, for it appeals to her love for communicating with and helping others.

Mrs. Marwick attended Sonoma State, and majored in Human Development. She stated how this major “benefits [her] well” for because of these studies, she can understand behavioral stages that occur when people experience change. This is essential for a counselor in helping students decide the major life changes that come with choosing a school or vocation. She was also involved with Planned Parenthood during college. She explained how helping there taught her how to “know the right questions to get to the bottom of what people need.”

Mrs. Marwick is very familiar with change herself, after taking on this new job. She understands that there is a lot she still doesn’t know, but she is determined to do her research and provide the answers we need. She strongly believes in asking for help and understanding the importance of a second opinion. She advises every student to “always communicate your interests to a trusted adult or friend.” She explained how this communication can open many doors – the more people that a student tells, the greater chance that one of them has connections with the field or school, or knows someone who does.

She also advises students to be “relentless about what you are pursuing.” She understands how it “can be very overwhelming to go through the whole application process – whether it’s applying for schools or scholarships.” She explained that “[her] job is to be here to help all of [us] navigate that,” and encourages all students to make appointments and take advantage of the knowledge the counselors have to offer.

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