The End of the BTS “Love Yourself” Era

The K-Pop group BTS poses in a promotional photoshoot.

By Sydney Lewis

On August 24, 2018, BTS released their new album Love Yourself ´Answer´. This album is the final conclusion of the Love Yourself series, which also includes Love Yourself ´Her´ and Love Yourself ´Tear´. In an interview with Apple Music, RM said that the Love Yourself series was a way for them ¨to show the emotional development of a young man through love and try to send a message that loving yourself is where the true love begins.” The theme of Love Yourself ‘Answer’ is a party a celebration.

In another interview, with Yonhap News, RM speaks out on the meaning behind Love Yourself: Answer. In the interview RM states that “life is the same as a festival. Happiness lasts for fleeting moments, leaving behind some snapshot images of the moments… so the final conclusion to [the theme] Love Yourself should eventually be a festival. After grappling with many questions, we wanted to draw the message that [we should] enjoy life and seize the fleeting [happy] moments.”

The repackaged album of seven new songs, also includes their title song, ‘Idol’. Idol is a song that is based solely on the idea that no one can’t stop yourself from loving who you are. While others may criticize who you are, you should be able to love yourself. This song is an upbeat party anthem beat that makes you want to dance. BTS also released another version of the song that is accompanied by Nicki Minaj.

The album also has a ‘Trivia’ trinity, that was done by the rapline. J-Hope did the song ‘Trivia: Just Dance’, which is an upbeat anthem about just wanting to dance and have fun with someone. RM did ‘Trivia: Love’ which is a soulful pop song about living for love, and having the person you love become your everything. Suga did ‘Trivia: Seesaw’ which is a smooth pop song about the ups and downs in a relationship. Each of  ‘Trivia’ trinity represented the love that is distributed in the world.

‘Epiphany’ is a slow song, done by Jin, that emphasizes the idea of finally realizing that you are the one you should love.

‘I’m Fine’ is a song, portraying one who claims they are fine, even though it is obvious they are falling. The song ends with the message that they will be fine, because they have themselves to rely on.

‘Answer: Love Myself’ is a song that describes the journey that comes with learning to love oneself. The song emphasizes the importance of loving the entirety of yourself, “without missing a single part, without leaving a single gap.”

The Love Yourself: Answer album illustrates the idea of accepting love and loving oneself. People should take the chance to love someone else and give them their all. The album also speaks on how no matter what people think, others should enjoy the happiness, the love, and the courage of being who they are.

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