UC Berkeley Presentation

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By Benicia Staff

If you’re interested in going to a UC (University of California) that helped gain traction for the Free Speech Movement in 1964, then UC Berkeley is for you.

3,998 students graduate from the UC’s 41,500 applicants in the year 2017 and about 28% of Berkeley students are pursuing doctoral and master’s degrees in more than 100 disciplines. You can apply to all nine UC’s in California, but for UC Berkeley there’s a 2:1 transfer ratio. Berkeley receives an annual number of 90,000 applications, so here’s an important reminder to stay your best studious self.

In total there are five colleges and one school within UC Berkeley. The colleges consist of Undergraduate, Letters & Sciences (create-your-own-program), Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Design, Natural Resources, and Haas School of Business.
Admission rate is at 15%, so let that motivate you to realign your current classes to better your chances of being admitted. To get a firmer grip of what to expect during the UC application process and your desired UC choice, websites available to you are Guide.berkeley.edu, and Assist.org, and Admissions.berkeley.edu/personalinsightquestions, which is covered later.

Currently there are new available majors— Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MET) (requires a supplemental essay), Global Management Program where you can travel abroad in London (you have to be 18 by August 1), and Data Science (Letters and Sciences).

And if you’re an incoming freshman, there are Pathways or programs which can jumpstart your career journey. There’s Fall Program for Freshman, where first semester accommodates a smaller group of students. This particular program is perfect for people familiar with small-town environments. There’s also Global Edge Program, which is based in London. Sciences Po and Hong Kong University both have a dual degree curriculum— the former is where you study at France as an undergraduate and finish your grads studies at UC Berkeley and the latter is where you study at Hong Kong University.

Freshman admission requirements include college preparatory courses, ACT with writing or SAT Reasoning Exams, and a Holistic Review where all applications are read twice by professionally trained readers. If you plan to major in Chem or Engineering, it’s strongly recommended to take SAT subject tests in Math and Lab Science.
Transfer admission requirements include a minimum of 60 semester units (90 quarter units), general education courses, a 3.0 minimum GPA, and major preparation facilitating your transition to a UC.

Personal insight questions are another thing UC’s require of prospective students. There’s a minimum of 350 words for each of the eight Personal Insight Questions. To maximize your admissions process, answer at least four questions. When responding to these prompts, describe your role in the chosen activity you’re writing about— No need to summarize or write it out.

Don’t let UC Berkeley’s admittance rate deter you.

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