History Repeats Itself

By Emma Goularte

In 1955, the Civil Rights movement was set in motion to create equal rights for African Americans. Leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks took a stand and started the movement. It took Rosa Parks fighting for her seat on the bus because a white male wanted to sit down to push things over the edge and to put the movement in motion. Everything was segregated, even water fountains and bathrooms were set for a specific race. The Civil Rights movement brought people together to fight for rights. This is where Martin Luther King Jr. read his “I have a dream speech” which was heard all over the country. Martin Luther King Jr. read his speech wishing freedom upon all. In the year 1963, around 250,000 people came together during the March on Washington fighting for jobs and freedom.


In 2018, again people came together to fight for African American right. This movement was the Black Lives Matter movement, which protested the abuse and gun violence inflicting on people’s everyday lives. During the movement speakers would express their fears on how guns and police brutality affect African Americans lives. According to the Washington Post in 2018, 121 African Americans were shot and killed by the police. 18 of those 121 were shot and killed by the police without them being armed and without them trying to flee the scene.


63 years after the Civil Rights movement we are still fighting for the same thing. We are fighting for equality. Why are we fighting against each other instead of working together? People have a hard time with change and they are stuck in their old ways, people don’t change how they were taught to treat others. Problems with racism occur everyday. People have tried to stop it by acting against it and supporting others. It’s not fair for people to be outcast because of the color of their skin, everybody’s life matters. If we keep doing the same thing how can we expect things to change? No, nothing will egt better if people don’t learn to adapt to change. It’s like the definition of insanity, if you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result you won’t get one because you haven’t changed anything to make progress.



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