Benicia High Volleyball Dominates yet Again


Photo Credit: Jett Walker

By Adal Tesfay

This week, Benicia High Panthers Varsity volleyball team crossed paths with the infamous Berean Christian Eagles. This is game five of Benicia High School Volleyball Playoffs and they have been undefeated until now. The Lady Panthers have been showing impressive competition this year, especially since the school switched leagues from D3 to D2.

All three sets were won by the Panthers with the first set 16-25, second set 10-25, and the third set 18-25. Key players includes number 5 Sara McBride who dominated the court by repetitively hitting spikes down the line, number 9 Lana Ojo who became the wall Benicia needed blocking every spike that comes her way, and number 22 Sydney Lee who set amazing balls to her hitters. All played a terrific game last night. This year appears promising for the Lady Panthers with an all-star lineup. If they keep the momentum going, Benicia High School may have a shot at winning league.

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