Tuareg Militia

By: Garret Fraire

Ever since NATO backed rebel’s toppled dictator Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has experienced deep and complex turmoil with most of the country experiencing violence.


There are three fictional governments battling for control: the GNC, HOR, and GNA, each having their own militias. The country has also experienced a rise in militia groups including ISIL and Al-Qaeda. Libya’s southern tribal region has also been engulfed in turmoil. The Tebu and Tuareg tribes have clashed multiple times since 2014. The conflict is mainly about controlling local resources as the Tuareg seized the El Sharara oil field in 2014. The region has become peaceful but is starting to fall towards violence again as mercenaries from Chad and Nigeria begin to enter the southern region of the country.


The militias have crossed into Libya and have began to join the Tebu tribe. The militant within the Tebu tribe want to take control of the entire southern region and control local resources. The threat of the mercenaries has caused tribal violence to increase again as Libyans rally against the Tebu tribe in order to fight the foreigners.  Due to the factional fighting in Libya, very little has been able to be done about the amount of militants entering the country. The Libyan army (LNA), controlled by the HOR, has launched airstrikes on the militias but the tribal issue continues to escalate.


There are also a large amount of Islamic extremist entering the country and joining the Islamic State (IS) and Al-Qaeda in the southern regions as Libya’s borders are extremely weak. IS and Al-Qaeda are starting to gain influence again. IS recently killed four security officers at a checkpoint signifying a resurgence. The conflict in Libya is only going to become  increasingly bloody as the mercenaries increase the tribal conflict and foreigners begin to grow IS and Al-Qaeda throughout the southern region. The factional government does not possess the power to stop the tribal conflict or stop Al-Qaeda and IS. If the foreign militants are unable to be combated, Libya will experience the worst fighting in years.


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