How to Defeat Writer’s Block

Blank notepad and pencil
Just write to defeat writers block. 

By Nanki Sekhon

Whether it comes from blog posts, college admission essays, or school reports, writer’s block can plague us all. It’s a feeling that essentially prevents a person from creating and producing original ideas. Writer’s block is troublesome when working under tight deadlines and lasts a variety of different times from a few days to years. But there are simple acts one can do in order to overcome the dreaded epidemic.


    1. Find a muse. Everyone has their own source of inspiration whether it comes from getting your body moving, spending time with a friend, reading a book, or going somewhere new.


  • Don’t stop writing. Refusal to start writing again until inspiration strikes is damaging; your mind becomes lazy and more prone to procrastination once writer’s block comes back.
  • Change of scenery. Ditch your bedroom for somewhere more enticing like a local coffee shop filled with people of different backgrounds or even a park. From there, write whatever feels right.
  • Caffeinate. Getting energized can help with a slump and help your wheels start turning.



Writer’s block really starts from fear of the public opinion, perfectionism, unorganization on where to start, and lack of time. Finding ways to eliminate these threats will help prevent future outbreaks of writer’s block. And if all else fails, just write.

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