How to Give More This Holiday Season

By Taylor Ferreira

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply love to enjoy the season, it is a great opportunity to show your friends and family that you care. It is easy to get lost in the gift-buying frenzy, or get caught up in the finals and college apps, but don’t forget to take the time to slow down, enjoy the season, and bring back the spirit of giving. Here are a few easy ideas to help you give more this holiday season.

  • Make a tie-blanket

These blankets are super easy to make, and practical, heartfelt gifts anyone can use. All it takes is two sides of polar fleece cut to the desired size, fabric scissors to cut five inch slits around the edges, and some time to tie knots securing the sides together.

  • Cook a meal for your family

From take-out, to a simple pancake breakfast, to a home cooked dinner, any meal is sure to put a smile on their faces. If you’re not much into cooking, ordering a surprise pizza for the family, or cooking up some classic eggs and toast for dinner is fast and doesn’t require a recipe.

  • Bake up a gift, or don’t…

Classic gingerbread cookies are always a treat, but there are many easy sweets to make that don’t require baking. With some cute mason jar packaging, edible cookie dough is a simple recipe that doesn’t need eggs, so any recipient can eat it without worrying about salmonella. I mean let’s be honest, they were going to eat cookie dough regardless…

  • Organize a cluttered space

With all of the holiday decorations, gift wrapping, and stuffy clutter, it makes the whole family feel a little less overwhelmed when they can look at a clear space. Organizing a cabinet in the kitchen, folding the throw blankets, or clearing out the coat closet is a great way to give back to those you love.

  • Set up a family day of service

There are many organizations in the Bay Area that can help you, your family, and even your friends give back to the community. Work a day in the Solano Food Bank, put together gift baskets for Adopt a Family, or volunteer at a nursing home. Any of these things will bring your family together and bring some of that holiday spirit into your home.

    All of these are easy ways to make someone smile this holiday season, but the best gift you can give is a little quality time. With all of the hustle, studying, and shopping, it gets more and more difficult to take time off and enjoy the ones you love. Put together a movie night, warm up some hot chocolate, take a drive and look at the Christmas lights, or play some of your favorite childhood family games. These are all low-cost, simple ways to bring the family together and make December a month to remember.


    Have a wonderful holiday season everyone, from The Paw.

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