Red Velvet “Really Bad Boy” Album Released


Red Velvet on their 5th mini album release


by Sydney Lewis

       Red Velvet, a five member female Kpop group, that includes Irene, Joy, Wendy, Yeri, and Seulgi, had their fans excited. On November 30th, Red Velvet released their fifth mini album, RBB (Really Bad Boy). that consists of six songs. According to Nielsen Music, the mini album sold 2,000 downloads in the U.S. in the week ending Dec. 6. Also all the songs combined had collected 1.7 million on-demand audio streams. The full RBB mini album is available on Apple Music. The album consists of six songs.

    The first song on the album is their title song, “Really Bad Boy”. The song is heavily dominated by a funky beat and brass trumpets. They also released a music video that was inspired by an 80’s horror halloween film aesthetic, including werewolves, a creepy forest, blood-curdling screams  that completes the song. The song talks about a girl being with a bad boy, even though her friends warn her about him, she likes him anyways. Red Velvet also released an all English version of the song on this tracklist, which contains the same message as the original song.

     The next song on the album is “Butterflies”. It is a sweet electronic pop that people could jump and sway side to-side-to. “Butterflies” talks about love, the feeling of being in love, and the way that special person makes you feel. The song gives off a very airy, feeling to the audience.

    “So Good” is the following song. It is a slow pop song with a somewhat upbeat. This song makes you want to sing along to with the windows and roof top down. The meaning behind this song is a person confessing their deep and true love for someone. Also mentioning how good it is to be with them and loving them.

    The fourth song on the album is “Sassy Me”. “Sassy Me” is another electronic pop song with brassy trumpets and raspy voices. The song is about being confident in yourself. Anywhere you go or whatever people say, you are it.

     The final song is called “Taste”. It is a slow, light pop song with a bouncy beat. The song talks about wanting the experience of trying new things everyday. Also liking to “taste” the many things that you never did before and letting them take you by surprise.

     Red Velvet’s fifth mini album, RBB (Really Bad Boy), is a combination of pop music and funky vibes throughout the album. The album is all about love, the feeling of it, and it something really good to listen to.

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