Israel – Gaza Border Fighting By Garrett Fraire

Israel and Palestinian militants engaged in border clashes after an Israeli raid into Gaza. Hamas is a Palestinian militia group located in the Gaza strip and have been fighting Israel for almost a decade.


The clashes started after Israeli commandos launched a raid into Gaza. The raid killed one Israeli soldier and seven Hamas militants including a Hamas commander.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad responded to the raid by firing mortars and about 400 rockets into Israel on Monday killing one Israeli civilian. Israel then launched air strikes killing seven Palestinians. Most rockets fired from Palestine were intercepted by Israel’s iron dome.


Jets and tanks struck militant position throughout Gaza. Israel carried out over 100 strikes into Gaza. Palestinian militant command posts and weapon storage were destroyed in the strikes.


Rocket fire and airstrikes lasted two days before Egypt meditated a ceasefire on Wednesday November 13. This was the worst fighting between Israel and Gaza since 2014. Gaza border demonstrations are due to resume.



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