Man Jumps Near Oakland Zoo Tiger Enclosure



The Oakland Zoo was established in 1922. The zoo is best known for their great animal care and their elephant care program. It also consists of 700 exotic and native animals.

Although being filmed, a man was looking at the tiger enclosure then  dropped his glasses near the zoo’s tiger enclosure; the fence he was climbing over separates people away from the tiger. So he climbed over a forty-foot railing. Thankfully, the man backed away when the tiger came near and survived because of the twenty-five-foot gate that was surrounding the tiger. The man safely got out of the enclosure.

This wasn’t the only tiger attack in the Bay Area on December 22, 2006, veteran zookeeper Lori Komejan was feeding tiger Tatiana. While he was feeding her through the enclosure grill, the tiger injured him.  On Christmas Day 2007, female Siberian tiger Tatiana was provoked and jumped out of her enclosure. She killed 17-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr. and also injured his friends. Both of these attacks happened in the same zoo and with the same tiger.

According to ABC 7, the Oakland Zoo responded to the incident. The zoo will now station an additional personnel in the tiger area, but officials will maintain their enclosure–with its tall fences– far exceeds guidelines established by the association of zoos and aquariums.




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