Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour Should Win Album Of The Year

Golden Hour

By Tessa Osteen

     The first time I came across Kacey Musgraves’ album Golden Hour was mid May, driving up to the Russian River in Northern California listening to every precisely placed word on the album. My friend had recommended this album for months, but I put it off since i’m not really into country music. After I listened to it, was an experience I’ve have never had with an album before. All this year Kacey’s album Golden Hour, has been a buzzed piece of work many mainstream radio stations don’t play but are definitely missing out on the opportunity to expose her music to a broader audience. Alongside great musical acts such as Janelle Monae and Kendrick Lamar she has tough competition ahead of her come Grammy night. Unlike many country artist, she mixes genres and sounds that make her unique and different to many non listeners of country music like myself, making her stand out above the others.

     Unlike a lot of the competitors with r&b/pop infusion projects in the best album of the year category, she is the only country artist there. While she was writing Golden Hour, she would frequently smoke weed or do psychedelics to be able to get creative and delve into her inner thoughts she wouldn’t normally have not under the influence of drugs. Incorporating a fair amount of funk and pop has paid off since she has being named top album of the year by many entertainment media websites. Pitchfork writes about how, “Musgraves’ first two major albums concentrated on small-town existence…Golden Hour’s focus is existential: The newlywed singer-songwriter is learning to savor time, and to let it pass.”

    Musgraves music transcends boundaries many of her old and new fans can definitely appreciate from her new album. From Noisey’s best albums of the year list, Musgraves ranked number two out of one hundred albums mentioned with the website saying how, “This is the sound of Kacey Musgraves mastering her art. Golden Hour is warm, rich, and psychedelic—the inspired leap to the left of country conventions that she’s always threatened to make…” Although many messages in her music is somewhat familiar and said before, the simplicity of her lyrics and the way she carries the tune makes the music fresh and relaxing to listen to. With no features from other artists on the album, it’s a stand alone feat that’s essentially a heart to heart for her family and fans that have been around her since the beginning. Kacey’s music as special and groundbreaking as it is, should definitely not be overlooked when deciding whose album is going to win for the 2019 Grammys.

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