Teenagers and Sleep

By Adal Tesfay

Dear Parents,

     I’m just curious on what goes through your adult minds when waking us teenagers up? Like honestly. Does complete rage just take you over as soon as you open our doors in the morning or is it due to the fact that you can’t stand when others are in peace and tranquility while you’re suffering yourself? All I know is that on behalf of the teenage society, we have decided that it must stop ASAP.

     Parents, you must not realize how the way you wake us up affects us throughout the day. If you open the door and splash water on our faces or yell at us, it automatically puts us in a pissed off mood. Imagine if you were sound asleep and BAM, someone kicks your door like SWAT and shakes you out of your sleep. Wouldn’t you as well be in a dreadful mood the whole day? I think so as well.

     It is also a very common misconception that babies need the most sleep–that’s not true. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teenagers should be getting around 8–10 hours of sleep rather than your average 8. With that, only about 85 percent of teenagers get less than 8 1/2 hours of sleep in total every night. I wonder where this was caused from………………? The numbers don’t lie.

     Now I won’t just rant on and on about a problem and not give a possible solution about it. I believe a simple shake on your teenagers shoulders in the morning will do the job of bringing them back to reality. If your teenager is still having trouble waking up, then I presume that the lot of you should have a talk about a sleep schedule that will work out. Now this is all very important information, but the most(THE MOST) important thing that you parents can take from this article would have to be your tone. When I say tone I mean TONE. As I said earlier in this essay, if your tone is negative while waking up your teen will respond to it negative and carry on with this negativity throughout the whole day, so activities such as learning in school, playing a sports, driving safely, etc. will all be affected.

     Overall parents, this is the wisdom that I bestow upon you. Now it is how you take this wisdom and use it to your benefit. I’m not saying us teenagers are perfect because in all actually none of us are, but hopefully with this article, it can open you up to a new perspective on adolescence.

Yours truly,

The International Society of Teenagers

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