Things To Do When You Are Bored


Don’t be bored, find fun things to do. 

Being bored is not the best thing. Yes, we could go on our phone but we should also be more productive and try new things. Trying more things can reveal to us new things we might have a new interest in. So why not look into more things that you could do and gain interest from that.

Read a book: Yes, read the book that you’ve been wanting to read. Read a book that has been on your shelf and haven’t picked up before. Read on a Kindle or any device too. Find cheap books they sell at your local library. Also, you could walk to the library and grab a book that interests you with something you wanna learn or a satisfying story. Look for any comic books and grab a series you haven’t read. According to business insider, it says reading is positive for you because it can give neutral pathways to your brain. Reading is a great way to past time when you are feeling impatient or when you have nothing to do.

Thrift: Thrifting is a fun way to find clothes for cheap. Look through your local thrift store with yourself or your friends and find accessories or clothing that you like. You can either spend hours to look through the store just to see what there is. An idea could be to get some old pants and turn it more into something you like including coloring or cutting them to make them shorter.  You could also walk in antique stores and see what they have or even just walk around and look.

Walk/Run/exercise: This is a healthy activity and can benefit you now and your future. You could walk or run around own with a playlist that you personally enjoy. If you cannot go outside use a treadmill or do exercises at home. You could even turn on your favorite show/movie when you’re doing any of these activities. You could also listen to an audio book during your activity or even do Zumba with a friend. From, it says  “exercise will make you feel better. And it goes beyond just the “runner’s high”—that rush of feel-good hormones known as endocannabinoids.” Doing something good for your body in general is not only fun but can be great for you physically and mentally.

Organize yourself: You work better when you are organized. Clean your room/ kitchen/ bathroom that you haven’t cleaned in ages. Go through your closet and throw away clothes that don’t fit you or clothes you don’t even like to wear and give them to people who needs them. Try looking around for stuff you don’t even use and give them away to give yourself more space. Make your bed and change the way it looks or feels the way you like it. While cleaning you could turn on an audiobook or blast music to make it more fun. Being organized makes your life way easier.

Write/Draw: Grab a coloring book from the store and start coloring away or even draw what’s on your mind. Write a short story, poems, letters to friends or relatives or even write about your feelings. Grab a thicker piece of paper and paint away. Don’t focus on how “bad” of a painter you are,  just do what you want. You could also finger paint or grab face paint at the store and paint yourself or a friend.

Rent a DVD: Look through the Redbox and find a movie you haven’t seen yet. Even try and find a bad movie so you can have a few laughs at it and enjoy criticizing it. Go home, have candy, and eat popcorn with your movie and binge watch what you bought or already have.

Spa/Self-care: You could look on youtube and find DIY face masks that are healthy for your skin. Get a bath bomb and lay in a hot bath while listening to music, reading a book or watching television. Look up a yoga routine on youtube and try it out.

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