It’s Not the Victim’s Fault

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They didn’t ask for it, it’s never the victim’s fault

By Emma Goulatre

Was it how she dressed? Was it the words she spoke? Was it the way she said no and you thought it was a joke? Was because she was walking alone at night? Was it her fault? Did she ask for it? There are stereotypes of the people who are sexual assaulted as if it it the victim’s fault, but that’s never the case. How can you blame someone for something traumatic happening to them? No one asks for this to happen to anyone, but it still does. It’s very important to be a aware of the horrible truth. According to Rainn, every 98 seconds someone is a victim of rape or sexual assault. Each year there are about 321,500 victims 12 or older in the United States. People between the age of 18 through 34 are at the highest risk for sexual assault.

We live in a society where women are afraid to walk alone at night and it shouldn’t be that way. How is it fair that we have to be careful because there could be someone who will take advantage when you least expect it? Growing up you are taught to always pay attention to your surroundings, but being a female you have to be extra careful because women are considered to be “weak.” Our society is full of double standards against men and women. For example, women are supposed to take care of the kids, cook, and clean. Men are expected to work and do “manly things”, such as take out the trash and work outside. To this day when you think about or talk about sexual assault or rape you tend to picture it happening to women. According to Do Something, twenty percent of women in college are victims of sexual assault, but forty percent don’t tell anyone. Four percent of men in college are victims of sexual assault, but only five percent of sexual assaults are reported on the college campus. If you think about it that is only sexual assaults during college, it is said that most women who are victims of sexual assault or rape expect it to happen to them again.

No one should live in constant fear. Constantly checking behind your shoulder, being afraid to live alone, being afraid to walk alone, and being afraid to live your life. How is that fair? It may feel like they ruined your life, like it’s over. Let me tell you, it’s not. What happened was horrible and that can’t even describe it, but you are so much more than a victim. That doesn’t label you, you are so much more. You need to live your life because you deserve good things. This isn’t the end, you aren’t alone there are people out there that know exactly how you feel. Just don’t forget you are more than you could ever know.

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