11 Killed in India’s Kashmir

By Garrett Fraire

On December 15, 11 people were killed during fighting between rebels and Indian forces in India’s Kashmir.

The Kashmir is a predominantly muslim state within in India. The kashmir has been heavily disputed between India and Pakistan as both lay claim to the region. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over the Kashmir however India has remained in control of the Kashmir.

There is a huge independence movement in the Kashmir. The muslim population of the Kashmir feel as if they should be a part of Pakistan. Rebel groups have been operating against India since the 1940’s.Pakistan funds and arms the rebel groups in the Kashmir. The war in the Kashmir has killed thousands of people.

On December 15, 2018, the Indian army engaged rebels while on a searching for rebels. When civilians approached the gunfire the indian Army opened fire killing 6 civilians. One Indian soldier and four rebels were also killed during the fighting. The total death toll from the fighting on December 15 2018 was 11.

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