Climate Change

Climate Changes: Real or Not?

By Mikayla Carter

Is climate change real or not?  Is it affecting our climate? As we wrap up hurricane season for the year, can we connect the increased number and strength of hurricanes to climate change? One NPR author seems to think so.  In an article from NPR in September of 2017, Christopher Joyce explains that hurricane season is upon us and 2018 would be one of the strongest seasons, and he was right. The article states that one of the reasons that hurricanes are stronger is because of climate change.  Climate change has caused a 0.5 to 1.0 degree Celsius increase in the Atlantic Ocean temperature. The ocean temperature has been increasing over the last 75 years due to human activities directly related to climate change. The author further explains that “heat is the fuel that takes garden-variety storms and supercharges them.”  

Climate change is a big social and political issue in the world today.  Climate change is a perfect example of how people have affected their environment and now the result is that the environment is affecting people. Specifically, this article indicates that the human activities over the last 75 years and probably longer have contributed to the oceans warming. This now is not causing hurricanes but making the hurricanes that are produced stronger and more dangerous.  Climate change is a huge environmental issue in the world today.

What can we do to help?  Climate change is due to the increased production of CO2 in our environment.  Carbon dioxide is formed when fuel burns. This occurs in cars, when we burn natural gas for heat, and when we burn and fuel like coal or natural gas to make power.  CO2 is also a global pollutant so the world has to work together to make things better. Even if we got rid of all the CO2 in the United States, if China is still producing CO2 at its current rate, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere would still be increasing.  So the world has to work together and everyone has to do their part. Small changes can make a huge difference, if everyone would bike to school or work, we would save CO2 from not driving our cars. We can also save energy by using less lights or heat. If everyone in the world could make these small changes, the CO2 level would decrease and we could slow or stop the oceans from warming.  What can you do?

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