Drake did What?

Kanye went on and on about Drake and even Travis Scott, his brother-in-law.

By: Natalie Lisenko

On December 13th, Kanye West posted multiple tweets about Drake threatening him. He starts of the many tweets by saying “Drake finally called” then in another tweet after that he says “Drake called trying to threaten me”

Now it is popularly known that Drake and Pusha T have had “beef” in the past, and Kanye was in the middle of it. Eventually this argument brought Pusha T to exposing Drake as a father. Pusha T let the whole world know that Drake had a son in his diss track against him. Drake had accused Kanye of telling Pusha T this news, since Kanye is Pusha T’s producer.

There is now new “beef” going around on Twitter, except this time, we haven’t heard anything from Drake. Drake isn’t usually the type to go on Twitter unless it’s to promote an album or some type of tour he is doing, yet Kanye still tried to argue with him through Twitter.

Kanye went on and on about Drake and even Travis Scott, his brother-in-law. Travis Scott and Drake have a very infamous song out right now called “Sicko Mode”. According to Kanye, there is sneak disses from Drake at Kanye in this song. In this song Drake says “Jesus Christ, checks over stripes” which is referring to Kanye’s deal with Adidas and Drakes deal with Nike. Then in another song by French Montana featuring Drake called “No Stylist”. Drake is caught saying “Keepin’ it G, I told her ‘don’t wear no 350s ’round me’,” in this line he is referring to Kanye’s well known 350 Yeezy’s.

Kanye later the next day explains that he and Travis Scott talked it out and are okay now, as for Drake there has been nothing else said, but Kanye has been tweeting a lot more about having “Positive vibes” and “All love”, so I’m sure this means that he is putting it all behind them.

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