BTS Taehyung Drops New Single “Scenery”

By: Sydney Lewis     

    On January 24th, BTS member Kim Taehyung, also known as V, gave a preview of his single by posting a part of the melody on BTS’s Twitter. Many fans were excited about Jimin’s released single last year on December 30th and now ecstatic to hear Taehyung’s. On January 30th, both Jungkook and Jimin released parts of the song to show their support of the incoming single. Soon after, Taehyung released his new single named “Scenery” on Soundcloud.

    “Scenery” is a calm and soothing ballad with a bit of melancholy. It is a simple melody including a piano and a collection of violins, with accents of the shuttering and movements of a camera. The effortless melody goes perfectly with the soft and hush tone that Taehyung produces. With the mixture of low and high voice registers, it melts together and completes the song. The lyrics additionally captivate the audience with their raw longing of love and their effort to capture all the moments. “I still wonder, wonder beautiful story, still wonder, wonder best part, I still wander, wander next story, I want to make you mine.”

    After the release of “Scenery” fans started a #ProudofYouTaehyung hashtag to show moral support for the things he achieved. A fan tweeted, “scenery is a beautiful song. The lyrics, the melody, every detail you put into the song is incredible. You have such a creative mind. Your song is full of sincerity and creativity. Your angelic voice makes me feel a lot of emotions. I’m so proud of you Taehyung.” Another fan tweeted “Words will never be able to explain how proud we all are of Taehyung. It is something we always feel but whenever he does something remarkable, it makes all of us unite with so so much love for him with pure support. Everyone fighting !” Many fans showed their support and love for Taehyung.

    “Scenery” is a beautiful, soothing, and soft ballad that completely embodies the true longing for love and wanting to keep the best parts of it kept in our hearts. It caught the attention of BTS’ fans and they loved everything about it and was proud of Taehyung’s accomplishment.

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