Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting

By Kennedy Calise

On October 27, Robert Gregory Bowers walked inside and shot up the Pittsburgh’s Tree Of Life synagogue.  According to The Anti-Defamation League, this has been the deadliest anti-semitic attack in the United States. The shooter killed 11 people with an AR-15, there were 7 people injured and 4 policemen were shot as they were going to save others. Afterwards, Bowers was later shot and sent to the hospital.

Before the attacks, Bowers had a social media account filled with posts of anti-semitic and anti-refugee remarks. According to The Washington Post, the shooter had in his bio “jews are the children of satan.” He’s charged with 29 federal criminal accounts and 36 state criminal accounts though still pleaded not guilty.

According to USA Today, one week after the shooting, 100 people showed up to the Tree of Life synagogue to worship and mourn. At Rodef Shalom Synagogue, more than 1,000 people came for the same reason. Both crowds held a funeral for the last death, Rose Mallinger 97, who was the oldest victim. President Donald Trump and his wife came to the synagogue to show awareness and speak on the attacks.

According to CNN, Trump says that the outcome of the deadly shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue would have been different if they had an armed guard that would have taken place; he also states that the country should strengthen its laws on the death penalty. Rabbi Jeffrey Myers messaged Trump telling him that hateful rhetoric causes hate crimes and can lead to more in the future.

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