Gun Deaths in U.S. Reach All Time High

By Erick Sandoval

People Push the trigger away

We talk about gun violence time and time again in the ‘States after every tragic event. This is certainly a topic lawmakers seem too hesitant to address. The people feel as if they wait for another shooting to occur in order to turn things around.

Australia had a mass shooting in 1996, gunman Martin Bryant carried out a deadly assault on civilians with an AR-15. The case was amongst the worst in Australian history. They banned automatic rifles as soon as possible after their horrific event. On the other hand, the US is infamous for gun violence.  

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), 39,773 people died from gunshots in 2017. It’s the highest in 38 years. It is also more than 10,000 deaths from 1999’s total of 28,874. CNN’s analysis also showed that 23,854 people died from suicide by guns in 2017, the highest number in 18 years. That’s a difference of more than 7,000 deaths compared with 16,599 suicide deaths by guns in 1999.

Firearm deaths in the data include gun deaths by homicide and suicide, unintentional deaths, deaths in war or legal interventions, and deaths that are undetermined. When the data is analyzed by race and gender, they show that white men made up 23,927 of the total 39,773 firearm deaths last year, including suicides.

On Wednesday, the National Rifle Association tweeted its long standpoint, “gun control laws are not the answer. If we want to prevent more horrific acts of violence our leaders need to stop demonizing the men and women of the NRA and find solutions that will save lives.” The NRA is a group that is an advocate for gun rights.

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