Interact Sells All 300 of Their Valentine’s Day Roses


It’s the month of February, and that means it is time for Interact to sell their annual Valentine’s Day roses.

During the week before Valentine’s Day, Benicia High School Interact Club sells cards and roses to BHS students. Roses can be bought individually or in a bouquet. Students buy roses to show their appreciation for their fellow classmates and teachers. “I think the roses are a good idea because it’s an easy way to show others that you are grateful for them” says Interact President, Krystel Salvador.  “They aren’t too expensive and you don’t have to go out of your way to buy them.”

This year, the club sold all 300 of their roses and distributed them on Valentine’s Day. “I’m glad we managed to sell all of the roses because we have more money to spend on donations” said Vice-President, Isabella Haggerty. This year, the club will use their profits to buy groceries, toiletries, and blankets for the homeless through Love-A-Child-Mission. “We enjoy selling the roses because it spreads love throughout the high school and to children in need as well” stated Salvador.

The club will be holding a meeting within the next few weeks to make blankets using some of the money from the roses. Thank you to everyone who bought roses from Interact to support the Love-A-Child Mission.

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