All Star Michael Jackson Tribute

Dedication to Michael Jackson

By Sydney Lewis

  On February 22nd, Jason Derulo, K-pop idol Lay Zhang from group EXO, and K-pop group NCT 127 collaborated to create and drop the single “Let’s Shut Up & Dance”. This single was produced to pay tribute to the late pop king Michael Jackson. This is the first single from a four song EP and box set entitled The Greatest Dancer, inspired by and dedicated to the art and genius of Michael Jackson.  

    “Let’s Shut Up & Dance” is an infectious, funky, and upbeat track. The song mixes trumpets and deep percussion sounds to develop a contagious dance song. “Let’s Shut Up & Dance” is about dropping everything, just letting loose, and enjoying the moment. Jason Derulo, in an article on Click2Houston, declared that the song is about “letting go of troubles,… especially with everything that’s going on the world I think the concept is really poignant.” He also explained that “this song can be a light in a world that’s filled with shadows right now.”

    The music video, directed by Daniel Russell, features high-energy dance sequences from Derulo, Lay, and NCT 127 and more than 50 dancers, both professional and from the streets, in locations around the world such as Korea, Ethiopia, Jamaica, London and Los Angeles. Jason Derulo, in an interview with ET, stated that “[he hopes] that when people watch the video they understand the tribute to Michael Jackson.’” He says, “It’s not a tribute where we’re trying to be Mike or dressing like him, but you can feel the influence. It’s not saying ‘I can be Mike,’ it’s saying look at three different artists and all of these different dancers from across the world that were inspired by the greatest dancer of all time.” The music video evokes the mood of Jackson’s hits “Black or White,” “BAD,” and “Smooth Criminal” including the choreography and style of clothes.

   Overall, “Let’s Shut Up & Dance”, the collaborations with Jason Derulo, Lay Zhang, and NCT 127, is a cheerful, groovy song that gets people on their feet. The song is all about dancing to their  heart’s content. The official box set is scheduled to be released on June 25, the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

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