Can A Wall Fix A Broken System?

Walls can be torn down, no one wants to be fenced in

By Emma Goularte

Republicans. Democrats. They are two different political parties and they don’t see eye-to-eye. We have to choose between candidates based on ideas and we factor in what political party we tend to agree with. Being under 18, I read what happens in the news and our president’s views. Imagine this: we don’t have political parties. What if we voted for people based on their ideas and views only? What if instead of politics being so controversial they could actually be discussed because it’s based on ideas on how to make America a better place to live.

One of the most controversial topics since Donald Trump became president is the wall. Trump wants to build the wall in order to stop illegal immigrants from coming into the United States. According to an editorial by Thomas Friedman, an American political commentator and author, he states the issue of immigration is more complex and requires a more complex solution. The wall won’t fix the problem and, at this moment, it’s causing a lot of problems because some agree that the wall will solve the problem. I agree with Friedman, I don’t disagree that illegal immigration isn’t a problem because it isn’t fair that illegal immigrants get jobs that immigrants who went through the system have been trying to get. According to the New York Times, about eight million illegal immigrants are working in the U.S. that is taking away from U.S. citizens.

People flee from disorder, they want what’s best for their kids. If you lived in a place full of disorder and crime wouldn’t you want to try to escape? Trump associates every immigrant as a “rapist or murderer.” Now as a reader, you can form an opinion on whether you think he is blind to reality and actually believes this or if he is brought this up because he wanted the wall. Not all Americans are rapists or murderers, they still exist in our country. How is fair to classify a whole country as something without statistics?

Previous President Barack Obama said we shouldn’t have anyone in the United States come in “undetected, undocumented, unchecked…”. He understood the immigration situation, but he didn’t suggest a wall to block off mexico from the United States. Trump acts like people aren’t going to find a way to get past the wall. He suggests the wall is the answer using China as an example. But in China, the Great Wall is to stop invaders and people still go through and invaded China. People always find a way around the system so how can he expect a wall to be any different.

Trump’s idea is flawed, but he still believes it’s the answer. Trump wants the wall and he’s going to get one, maybe then he will realize that it’s not going to work, maybe then he will realize his plan was flawed and we will still have the issue. He is thinking short term, this isn’t going to work forever if it does at all.

Now, let’s look at it from a different point of view. If an illegal immigrant killed a U.S. citizen people would blame it on the system, therefore Trump accused all immigrants as “rapists and murderers.” Our system now is flawed and we see it, but what if there was a way to make weaker countries stronger so people wouldn’t want to flee? Is there a way that we can help everyone and not make things worse by making it seem like we don’t want people to be in a safe and good environment for them and children. It seems as if we are just shutting people out instead of making our system better instead of a barricade.

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